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District Communications
CASD Families,
We would like to take a moment to inform the school community that the Corry Area School District is moving to a new mass communications system. This new system will be integrated with our current district website. Communications will now be delivered through various modes of communication, such as voice messages, text messaging, email, and push notifications from the district mobile application.

Recently, the district synced the phone numbers and email addresses of parents/guardians listed in our current student management system (Sapphire) with the new communications system. Later this month, the district will be sending a series of test messages, as we go live with the new system. If you do not receive the test messages by the end of June, please feel free to reach out to your child's school to ensure your phone number and/or email address is accurate in our system.

Below are a few important details you will want to know:
  • Voice Call - all voice calls will come from the district phone number, 814-664-4677.
  • Text Message - the first time a recipient receives a text message from the new system, you will need to opt in if you wish to continue receiving CASD texts. The message will come from the number 87569. The message will say “Corry Area School District would like to continue sending you text messages. To receive these messages, please reply YES".
  • Email Message - the email message will come from "Notification from Corry Area School District" and the email address will be [email protected].
  • District Mobile App - Visit the district website at from your mobile device and choose "District App" under the Parent drop down menu. Once the app is installed, be sure to subscribe to the district building(s) via the Manage Schools menu.

Daniel L. Daum                                                        William P. West
Director of Elementary Education                            Director of Secondary Education