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Corry Area School District Comprehensive Plan 2022-2025
The draft of the Comprehensive Plan of the Corry Area School District is available in the link below for its 28-day public review period prior to submission to the Pennsylvania Department of Education at the end of August.

CASD Draft Comprehensive Plan 2022-2025

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan, below our drafts of other required reports which will be submitted as well.
Academic Standards and Assessment Requirements (Chapter 4) 2022 - 2025.pdf
Gifted Education Plan Assurances (Chapter 16) 2022 - 2025.pdf
Induction Plan (Chapter 49) 2022 - 2025.pdf
Professional Development Plan (Act 48) 2022 - 2025.pdf
Student Services Assurances (Chapter 12) 2022 - 2025.pdf

After reviewing the plan, please feel free to provide comments or feedback at the following link:
Corry Area School District Comprehensive Plan 2022-2025: Public Review - Opportunity for Comments or Feedback