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Corry Area

School District

Student Enrollment

Student Registration

We are excited to partner with you in the education of your student.  You will need to pick up the registration packet from our District Administration Office or print the forms from our website.  

Completed registration packets will be received in our District Administration Office by appointment only.  To make your appointment, please call 814-664-4677 and choose option 1.  You will need to allow 30 minutes per student being registered.  Please be advised that we can only accommodate the attendance of the student(s) being registered and up to two (2) parents or guardians at each appointment.
The following list is required for your appointment and prior to your student(s) beginning classes:

1.  Completed Registration Packet, signed and dated.
2.  State-issued Birth Certificate of the student being registered.
3.  Valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or Pennsylvania photo ID with current address or change of address notification.
4.  Two (2) forms of Proof of Residency with the same address.  The following list is considered acceptable for proof of residency: 

*Current Executed Lease  Be advised that the landlord will be notified in any situation where it appears that more than one family is living at the same  address.

*Utility Bill (Water/Sewer, Gas or Electric bills only)

*Mortgage documents such as deed, sales agreement, signed/dated mortgage closing documents or  property tax bill.

5.  Updated Immunization Record  (A Schedule of Immunizations is available at the bottom of this page as a download.)

NOTE:  Bank or mortgage loan statements, phone bills or temporary driver’s licenses are NOT acceptable.

a.  Court Placed Children
*Placement Letter from Agency

b.  In order for the Corry Area School District to acknowledge Guardianship,  a court approved document MUST be provided.  Custody procedures can be found online at your county’s courthouse website or at your county’s courthouse.

c.  In the instance of shared custody, a court-ordered custody agreement is highly recommended.  In the absence of such documentation, the CASD will use the State-issued birth certificate as the sole means of determining parental rights for educational information and transportation of the student to and from our facility.
The processing of this student information can take a minimum of 24 hours and legally up to five (5) days to complete once all required documentation has been received by our District.

Your appointment will be at the District Administration Office of the Corry Area School District located on our Middle/High School Campus, 540 East Pleasant Street Corry Pennsylvania 16407.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Coordinator of Student Data:
Sheri Williams
(814) 664-4677 Ext 1230
FAX: (814) 663-0722
[email protected]

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