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EPIC Outreach Travels to Harrisburg to Fight Tobacco Usage

"Earlier this month, 9 of the EPIC Outreach (Erie Prevention Impacts Communities) Team members from Corry, along with Iroquois and Ft. Leboeuf members traveled to Harrisburg, PA to advocate for change. The kids have focused all year on Vaping and creating positive change in their district and this was the culminating event they worked hard to attend. Students across the state of PA who are a part of the TRU Teams (Tobacco resistance units promoted from the Erie County Department of Health), advocated for pieces of legislation that would protect their lungs and the safety of others when it comes to Vaping and Tobacco use. The American Lung association did a wonderful job bringing this event back to life post-pandemic. 

Included is a photo of the students legislative visit with our very own State Resentative Ryan Bizzarro. They lobbied for him to close the loopholes in the commonwealth's Clean Indoor Air Act. He kindly offered to show the kids the floor of the House, an incredible experience the kids were in awe of. 

After the kids returned home they continued their efforts with their annual "Knock Out Drugs" Dodgeball tournament with community members and loads of students in attendance!"

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