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Welcome to the Corry Area Primary School Counselor's Web Page!
Enjoy this Resource from the Guidance Office!!
Social Emotional Learning at Home PreK - 2nd Grade
Social / Emotional   
The Second Step curriculum is implemented in grades K-5 in each classroom. The curriculum
teaches skills in the following areas:

1) Empathy
2)  Skills for Learning
3)  Emotional Management
4)  Problem Solving      

The curriculum is also used by the school counselors to facilitate various small groups.

The School Counselors coordinate the following presentations during the school year:

1)  Good Secrets / Bad Secrets
   -Kindergarten & 2nd Grade
2)  Kids on the Block
   -Kindergarten & 1st Grade
3)  Deputy Phil

Other Responsibilities
1.) Referring and coordinating with outside agencies.
2.) Responding to crisis situations.
3.) Consultations as needed
The school counselors assist in monitoring student's academic achievement through the child study process.
  • The school counselor case manage students that are referred to the CST team
  • Assist in providing both behavioral and academic interventions
  • Communicate with parents and staff
  • Assist with collecting data and screening students as needed

Chapter 15 Agreements (504 plans).

  • Counselors meet with parents and staff to create plans for students who qualify under Chapter Fifteen.
  • Counselors meet with staff or parents as needed to ensure student success.

The school counselors provide lessons that meet the requirements of the PA Career Education and Work Standards. The school counselors utilize the program CC Spark.

  • It is an online career education program that students can utilize at both home and school.

Holly Trauner
School Counselor
814-665-6341 x5405
[email protected]
Stacy Hirschmann
School Counselor