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Corry Area

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Virtual Academy

Corry Virtual Academy

Welcome to the Corry Area School District Virtual Academy (CVA). CVA provides tailored and flexible online learning opportunities for district students. The Corry Virtual Academy is an option offered to district students who desire computer-based learning opportunities in a flexible or nontraditional setting. The district’s cyber school is designed to be a local education option for Corry students, and is also available to those currently being home-schooled or attending cyber charter schools across the Commonwealth or those considering other cyber options. Course work can be completed through full-time enrollment, part-time enrollment, or a blended format.
What makes the Corry Virtual Academy most attractive is the commitment to helping students succeed and continuous teacher and administrative support. While courses may be taken online, students enrolled in the district’s online program will continue to be students of the Corry Area School District. Students who complete their graduation requirements online will also earn the same district diploma as students in a traditional classroom and may participate in the graduation ceremony. Online students are also eligible to participate in the school’s extra-curricular activities, athletics, and access other district programs and services. In addition, you do not have to travel outside the district for meetings and other related cyber requirements.
If you are currently in an out-of-district cyber charter school, a home-schooled student, or are a current CASD student who is looking for an alternative to the traditional setting, please contact the Corry Area School District for more information. 

Why Choose CVA?

  • Full-time free on-line public school option for CASD families
  • Numerous courses available in grades K-12
  • Earn an CASD diploma
  • Be part of an active supportive school community; participation in all CASD sports and extra-curricular activities, as well as access to school counselors and libraries
  • Taught by highly qualified, Pennsylvania certified teachers
  • Curriculum aligned to the Common Core Standards 
  • Opportunities for enrichment and remediation, as well as courses on varying levels
  • Opportunities to participate in Career Tech courses; Middle School rotation or HS Tech Programs
  • Computer and friendly technical support
  • Provides supports necessary for success; live teacher support,        individualized learning plans, office hours, tutoring, and extensive online resources.
For additional Information Contact:
Dr. Michele Miller, Administrator
Corry Virtual Academy
534 E. Pleasant Street
Corry, Pa 16407
814-665-8297, Ext 3204
The Corry Area School District Board of Education established the Virtual Academy and the administration reserves the right to deny admission to the program if it does not serve the best educational interests of the student.