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Corry Area

School District


About Our Elementary Schools

Our schools have undergone significant change during the last several years. Both of our elementary schools were constructed with the future in mind. Since the reconfiguration of schools in 2014, teaching and learning have evolved into something truly special for children. Class sizes at the Primary School are among the lowest in the region and student learning is further enhanced through daily small group reading instruction, intervention and enrichment. With an intense focus on literacy, students in the Primary School receive nearly 600 hours of instruction each year with 90 hours or more of that in small group. Students in grades 2-5 are fortunate to experience daily small group math, small group reading, Science, Social Studies, and Writing that are all delivered by subject specialists. To further enhance a child’s learning experience, each student in grades 3-5 receives their own, personal Chromebook with access to many engaging resources. Of most importance is the fact that our skilled and compassionate faculty and staff know the exact needs of their students and work tirelessly to provide instruction personalized to each child.

Student achievement, as measured by state assessments, is on the rise in our schools! Even more exciting is the fact that our students rank among the highest in academic growth in Erie, Crawford and Warren counties. Yes, Corry Area Intermediate School was one of only a few school across the state with perfect PSSA growth scores in Math, Science, and English Language Arts (ELA). These accomplishments are certainly a source of pride for us and validate our improvement efforts. Historically, our science scores rank as one of the highest in the region and our STEM program has already been sought out by multiple districts in western Pennsylvania.

In addition to personalized learning opportunities, you will find our schools focus on the development of the whole child. Vibrant art, music and instrumental programs, coupled with rigorous physical education, technology and STEM curricula enhance each child's overall learning experience. Several extracurricular activities are offered to children such as Drama Club, Chorus, Challenge 24, Art Club, Computer Science Club, and Math/ELA Achievement Club. A host of recreational sports are available through community recreational sport groups including swimming, soccer, baseball, basketball, football and more. No matter a child’s interest, there are plenty of opportunities in our school district and community for children to explore their interests and discover their passion.


Mr. Daniel Daum
Director of Elementary Education

Mrs. Teresa Pearce

Mr. Jordan Lander
Assistant Principal

423 Wayne Street
Corry, PA 16407
Fax: (814) 663-4795