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Corry Area

School District

Corry Area Primary School

CAPS Celebrates the 100th Day of School

Corry Area Primary School recently marked its 100th day of school, an occasion filled with enthusiasm and creativity.  Students and staff embraced the 100th day with spirited costumes, math exercises, art projects, and lots of fun.  The 100th day is an important milestone because it means students are more than halfway through the year.  It is also a great occasion to highlight how much students have learned since the beginning of the school year.

The IXL 100+ Club

Congratulations goes out to these hard-working students!  They gained over 100 points (a whole grade level) on IXL!  Keep up the great work!

Vision Statement

Corry Area Primary School is a place in which solid foundational skills are established in a compassionate learning environment where all children are respected, encouraged, and valued by dedicated and caring staff.