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PreK Graduation Ceremony at Corry Area Primary School!

Today was an unforgettable day at Corry Area Primary School as we celebrated our PreK Graduation Ceremony! Our young graduates proudly signed the Pledge of Allegiance, answered questions about civics, and filled the room with joy through their heartfelt songs. The ceremony concluded with each student receiving their well-deserved graduation certificate in front of an audience filled with proud families.
Watch the highlights of this special day in the video below and join us in congratulating our PreK students on their big achievements! 

Corry Area Primary School Hosts Thrilling BMX Assembly Sponsored by Corry PTO

Corry Area Primary School recently hosted an exhilarating BMX assembly. Students were thrilled by the BMX team's gravity-defying stunts, which included high jumps, backflips, and spins. The riders shared an inspiring message about the importance of learning, hard work, and perseverance. They emphasized the value of dedication, practice, and learning from failures, drawing parallels to the students' academic efforts.  Thank you PTO for sponsoring such a fun assembly!

First Grade Classes Visit Till Top Farm, Sponsored by Corry Moose Club

Mrs. Knapp's first grade class enjoyed an exciting visit to Till Top Farm, thanks to the sponsorship of the Corry Moose Club. The students were able to pet cows and baby calves.  The farmer shared engaging stories about farm life and sustainability, making the day both fun and educational. The trip left the children with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for nature and farming. First Grade classes thanks the Corry Moose Club and Till Top Farm for an unforgettable experience

PreK Enrollment Now Open at Corry Area Primary School!

We're excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our PreK program for the 2024-2025 school year.

 To Apply:
Please call  814-664-4677 ext. 5000 for application details and more information.

The program is designed for children ready to embark on a journey of learning and discovery.

 Why Choose Our PreK?
Our dedicated teachers are committed to creating a nurturing and engaging educational environment that fosters the early development of essential academic and social skills.

Act quickly to secure your child’s place in our program and give them a great start to their educational journey!

Mental Health Awareness Day

We are pleased to invite you and your family to participate in our district-wide Mental Health Awareness Day on May 17, 2024. This day represents a collaborative effort among our schools and community to prioritize mental well-being and remove the stigma associated with mental health. Please note, the activities planned for the daytime of Mental Health Awareness Day are designed specifically for student participation. We greatly value our community's support, and we ask parents and family members to join us for the evening events starting at 5:00 PM, which include community activities, food trucks, and performances. 

Our event will feature Tyler McClain, a CASD graduate who sets the stage with his musical talents before Chris Higbee performs in the evening. The day's activities are designed to be educational, supportive, and unifying, culminating in a memorable evening for our entire community.

We look forward to coming together for this important cause and creating an atmosphere of support and understanding.

Egg-citing Learning with STEAM

Mrs. Bayle's second grade class had a project funded by Donors Choose.  The were able to get the 360 incubator, which allowed the students to view the eggs from all angles.  Not only can they watch on all sides of the incubator, but there is livestream video to view the hatching process during the after school hours. This will provide the best opportunity for the students to witness the chicks hatching. The entire family can enjoy the experience together!  They were also able to get a brooder to store the chicks in after they hatch. It has clear windows for the kids to look into and watch the chicks as they grow. The heat controlled lamps will help keep the chicks warm and comfortable. With the help of some of the parents from Mrs. Bayle's class and various donors from around the country this project was funded in just a few days! 

Vision Statement

Corry Area Primary School is a place in which solid foundational skills are established in a compassionate learning environment where all children are respected, encouraged, and valued by dedicated and caring staff.