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Kindergarten Field Trip to the Erie SeaWolves Game

Kindergarten had a beautiful day in Erie as they cheered on the Erie SeaWolves!  A big thanks to the PTO for sponsoring the field trip and to all the teachers and staff that helped make it a fun day!  There were so many smiling faces!

From Puppet Creation to Story Narration: A Celebration at Corry Area Primary School!

Our diligent second graders have been busy as bees, crafting puppets from scratch and spinning creative tales to match! 

Today, they shared these lively stories with our Pre-K audience. The room was filled with laughter and spirited applause! 

A hearty cheer for our second graders' determination and ingenuity  and a nod of appreciation to our PreK youngsters, who made a fantastic audience! 

The joy of nurturing young minds is truly evident in the everyday happenings at Corry Area Primary School! 

#CorryAreaPrimarySchool #StudentCreativity #PuppetShow 

CAPS Fun Day!

CAPS enjoyed their annual Fun Day on Friday, May 11.  The students enjoyed bounce houses, obstacle courses, train rides, snow cones, and so much more.  A big thanks goes out to our PTO for providing this awesome day for the students!  

CAPS' Earth Day Every Day: Learning, Caring, and Sharing for a Greener Future

As we wrap up our Earth Week celebrations, our students pledged to care for the Earth every single day! To help them understand the importance of stewardship towards our planet, some classes watched 'The Lorax', while others created and read books about taking care of the Earth. Our students also participated in a schoolyard cleanup, recycling, and learned about reusing items, saving energy, and conserving water. Check out photos of our cleanup, and swipe through to see our students sharing their Earth-friendly commitments, artwork, and stories! Let's work together to make every day Earth Day at Corry Area Primary!
 #CorryAreaPrimary #EarthDayEveryDay 

Mrs. Bayle's second grade's Blue Crew created this awesome video! Check it out!

Join the Blue Crew, a student leadership team from Mrs. Bayle's second-grade class at Corry Area Primary School and help create a healthier future! Learn how to make healthy choices and join the effort to create a healthier future by watching their music video! #BlueCrew #MrsBaylesClass #HealthyChoices #CorryAreaPrimarySchool #HealthLead

Helping Humpty Dumpty During STEAM class

These students were doing a STEM & read challenge.  We read and discussed the book, "After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again" by Dan Santat. Then students got in groups of 2 or 3 and planned how they would build a wall that wouldn't allow Humpty Dumpty to fall from.  They had their choice of materials and an egg!   The picture is of 1st graders Samuel Trisket and Odin Till.  They were successful using magnet blocks.   

Vision Statement

Corry Area Primary School is a place in which solid foundational skills are established in a compassionate learning environment where all children are respected, encouraged, and valued by dedicated and caring staff.