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Corry Area Primary School

Pi Day

CAPS celebrated Pi day (March 14) with a whole-school Math competition.  Each class in Kindergarten, First grade, and Second grade had 3 top "mathletes" from each classroom competing against others from their grade level. They answered math facts quickly to advance to the next round until each grade had their top 3 winners.  Way to go Caps on working on your math facts!
First grade winners were Cedric Snyder, Elizabeth Halfast, and Dawson Capasso.
Second grade winners were Eli Winckler, Soloman Atha, and Sylas Fenno.
Kindergarten winners were Jase Williams, Hal Weis, and Alexander Liller.

Cloud Writing in Kindergarten

Kindergarten had some good clean fun by combining their science curriculum with their Orton-Gillingham lessons in the pod. Studying clouds was on the agenda for science this week, and practicing letter formation is a routine activity. Using shaving cream on their desks for "cloud writing" was a refreshing change up to the students' tactile writing practice. Many smiles, laughs and squeals of delight were shared throughout the day. 

Read Across Corry at CAPS

CAPS was filled with excitement this week as students and staff participated in many activities centered around the famous author, Dr. Seuss.  First graders enjoyed their annual green eggs and ham breakfast and families loved coming into the classrooms for our Read Across Corry event!  We loved seeing all of the smiling faces!

Mrs. Bayle's second grade's Blue Crew created this awesome video! Check it out!

Join the Blue Crew, a student leadership team from Mrs. Bayle's second-grade class at Corry Area Primary School and help create a healthier future! Learn how to make healthy choices and join the effort to create a healthier future by watching their music video! #BlueCrew #MrsBaylesClass #HealthyChoices #CorryAreaPrimarySchool #HealthLead

Helping Humpty Dumpty During STEAM class

These students were doing a STEM & read challenge.  We read and discussed the book, "After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again" by Dan Santat. Then students got in groups of 2 or 3 and planned how they would build a wall that wouldn't allow Humpty Dumpty to fall from.  They had their choice of materials and an egg!   The picture is of 1st graders Samuel Trisket and Odin Till.  They were successful using magnet blocks.   

CAPS Success Parade

Today was an extraordinary day at Corry Area Primary School! Our students worked hard to achieve their goals with the help of their dedicated teachers and staff. We celebrated their success with a Success Parade, where each student was presented with a certificate and a special bracelet. It was a wonderful day to celebrate our students and their accomplishments - we are all so proud of them! We also made sure to document the celebration with a few pictures of the parade, so that our students can always look back and remember this special day. Congratulations to our Corry Area Primary School students - you are an inspiration to us all! #CorryAreaPrimarySchool #SuccessParade #GoalsAchieved #ProudMoments #CelebratingSuccess 

Vision Statement

Corry Area Primary School is a place in which solid foundational skills are established in a compassionate learning environment where all children are respected, encouraged, and valued by dedicated and caring staff.