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CAIS Fourth Graders Embark on Timeline Adventures

At Corry Area Intermediate School, fourth graders recently embarked on an engaging Fun Friday project centered around timelines, diving deep into the realms of text and graphic features while mastering chronological order. Mrs. Goodwill's students buzzed with creativity as the young minds showcased their projects, highlighting not only their newfound understanding but also their enthusiasm for learning.  

Mrs. McQuiston's Magnificent Marionette Making

At CAIS, Mrs. McQuiston's recent marionette-making project showcased the incredible synergy between mechanical engineering and art. The students embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, combining their creativity and engineering skills to produce whimsical and magnificent marionettes. Under Mrs. McQuiston's guidance, the students enjoyed a fun-filled learning experience, experimenting with various materials and mechanisms. This marionette-making endeavor not only celebrated the students' achievements but also emphasized our commitment to providing a dynamic education that integrates art and science, preparing our students for a future that values creativity and critical thinking. Kudos to Mrs. McQuiston and the CAIS students for their magnificent creations! 

CAIS's Unforgettable Super Bowl Adventure in Las Vegas

Fourth graders have had a lot of excitement and education during Super Bowl week. The fourth graders with Mr. Bailey and Mr. Wetherbee had the fourth annual PFL (Paper Football League) championship. Students learned about friction and forces while playing paper football, and all of the participants enjoyed the "Super Bowl".

Students also had the opportunity to learn more about prime numbers, compensation, multiples of numbers, and probability while partaking in many games of chance. Students would complete an activity and have to decide if they met their math goal for that game. If they did, they received special awards. 

Finally, these same students worked on a review of their digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems. After a month of learning, students were the doctors and had to create their internal bodies. 

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Corry Area Intermediate School will provide a challenging yet positive and engaging school experience for every child, where academic, social, emotional, and physical growth are the result of careful planning, teacher collaboration, and strong community partnerships.