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Coin Drive for Avery's Pawsitive Change

CAIS is currently running a coin drive with students and staff.  Each homeroom teacher will collect the coins each morning and students will tally them.  Our goal will be to raise money to donate to Avery's Pawsitive Change!  We will do this instead of a gift exchange that is typically done in classrooms before winter break.  We would rather give than receive during the holiday season as a school.  Last year, we had great success with this and raised thousands of dollars for Erie Zoo!  We'd like to do the same thing again this year and donate to another great cause in our community!  The homeroom that raises the most money will receive a pizza party from Mrs. Nuhfer and Mr. Lander!  As always, thank you for all of your support!
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CAIS Winter Concert

December 15, 2022 
CAIS Winter Concert at the High School.  
This is our whole-school, vocal-only concert.  
Grade 3--5PM
Grade 4--6PM
Grade 5--7PM
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How Cool is Your School: CAIS Won First Place!



Thank you to everyone that voted daily to keep our lead. Our Corry community is amazing!

Congratulations CAIS RISE Certificate Award Winners!

The RISE Award is earned by students who consistently show Responsibility, Independence, Safety, and Excellence each quarter. 
The 3rd grade RISE recipient award winners are: Isaac Johnson, Avery Long, Eva Owen, Grant Beckman, Jillian Bisbee, Ayla Durfey, Landon Dunlap, Juliette Reiff, Ariana Malec, Alliot Richards, Ava Higby, Noxton Gressel, and Grace Byler. The following students are absent from the photo: Eva Owen, Elliot Richards, Landon Dunlap, and Ava Higby. 

The 4th grade RISE recipient award winners are: Chase Kuzma, Silas McIntyre, Brian Jim, Violet Myers, Fenton Fourspring, Steven Fenno, Paisley Tilford, Lydia Joy, Dustin Jackson, Allison Knapp, Kendyl Brink, Maddelyn Cullers, Cole Kurelowech, Titus Kane, Ally Mulvin, Sophia Breauchy, Braylen Drayer, Maddox Greer, Aaryn Mulvehill, George Weis, Franklin Young, Amari Fox, and Matthew Church. The following students are absent from the photo: Titus Kane, Dustin Jackson, Paisley Tilford, Lydia Joy, and Maddox Greer. 

The 5th grade RISE recipient award winners are: Elijah Bayle, Cooper Davis, Hayden Higby, Rhemy Kuzma, Danika Pilling, Hunter Walton, Karla Weisner, Camilla Whiteley, Elijah Canady, Feabie Fourspring, Wyatt Mather, Avery McCray, Gwyneth Miscik, Taegan Willis, Lucas Waychoff, Ava Haag, Elizabeth Harvey, Harper Glass, Cecilia Hodak, Ashton Johnson, Quincy Martin, Makenzie Proper, Maddy Stelmack, Dawson Green, Lea Terrill, Grace Cummings, Robert Cummings, Mia Moore, Aubree Chelton, Ricky Wiswell, Ruthie Hamilton, and Charlotte Goodwill. The following students are absent from the photo: Charlotte Goodwill, Mia Moore, Elijah Canady, and Maddy Stelmack. 

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Vision Statement

Corry Area Intermediate School will provide a challenging yet positive and engaging school experience for every child, where academic, social, emotional, and physical growth are the result of careful planning, teacher collaboration, and strong community partnerships.