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Corry Area Intermediate School

Awesome Authors!

Mrs. Dunlap's 3rd graders have been busy creating penguins and studying and writing informational pieces about different species!  Their penguins are so well done along with their writing!

Mrs. Powell's 4th graders set out to discover some interesting facts regarding the history of chewing gum and bubble gum. They wrote about what they read and created a giant bubble gum machine in the hallway! They also did have a friendly competition of chewing gum and blowing the biggest bubbles! There's nothing like having a little fun with your writing!

Dr. Seuss on the Loose at CAIS as we Welcome the Month of March!

It has been a great week at CAIS filled with lots of fun academic activities centered around Dr. Seuss in honor of the famous author's birthday this week along with Read Across Corry capping it all off! Thank you to our amazing Title I team for all of their hard work around this themed event, and thank you to all of our teachers for making learning fun for our students!  

Thank you Trooper Schick

Trooper Schick for visiting Corry Area Intermediate School during third, fourth, and fifth-grade lunches today!

Congratulations to Second Quarter RISE Award Winners

The RISE Award is earned by students who consistently show Responsibility, Independence, Safety, and Excellence each quarter.  

The 3rd grade RISE recipient award winners are: Annalee Faraone, Frankie Martin, Landon Dunlap, Lillian Nichols, Nora Gourley, Trey Thomas, Jackson Martin, Ashlee Nichols, Eva Owen, Jayden Gregory, Madisan Davis, Bailey Reedy, Nina Vanchieri, Ryleigh Long, Samson Myers, Ayden Kobal, Quincey Myers, Shawn Vanderhoof, Sylvie Antill Payer, Avery Long, Brystal Lindsey, Jillian Bisbee, Cameron Cubero, Dynali Arison, Isaac Johnson, and Keira Fenno.

The 4th grade RISE recipient award winners are: Maddie Cooney, Wyatt Bearfield, Johnathon Alsdorf, Kaitlyn Powless, Kale Groves, Rozlyn Engle, Amari Fox, Cooper Shotts, Dustin Jackson, Lydia Joy, Paisley Tilford, Wyatt Bayer, Aaron Mulvehill, Braylen Drayer, Franklin Young, George Weis, Sophia Breauchy, Benjamin VanGuilder, Bentley Partch, Brian Jin, Chase Kuzma, Fenton Fourspring, Silas McIntyre, Violet Myers, Allison Knapp, Cole Kurelowech, Kendyl Brink, Maddelynn Cullers, and Trace Fiesler.

The 5th grade RISE recipient award winners are: Chevy Macera, Madisyn Gavasto, Paisley Anderson, Sophia Frey, Xzander Atkinson, Aubree Chelton, Beckett Howard, Charlotte Goodwill, Jennaveve Barton, Lily Dunlap, Camilla Whiteley, Garrett Halfast, Cooper Davis, Danika Pilling, Elijah Bayle, Hayden Higby, Hunter Walton, Karla Weisner, Rhemy Kuzma, Trayvin Wynn, Ashton Johnson, Cecilia Hodak, Harper Glass, Makenzie Proper, Quincy Martson, Vada McGuffey-Goodwill, Chloe Fiscus, Dawson Green, Gracie Davis-Huffman, Jace Ostrander, Lea Terrill, Makayla TenHagen, Taya Fiscus, Ava Haag, Elizabeth Harvey, Jordon Nutt, Taylor Sproveri, Azlynn Kobal, Elijah Canady, Emery Jewell, Feabie Fourspring, Gwyneth Miscik, Taegan Willis, and Wyatt Mather.

Vision Statement

Corry Area Intermediate School will provide a challenging yet positive and engaging school experience for every child, where academic, social, emotional, and physical growth are the result of careful planning, teacher collaboration, and strong community partnerships.