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Corry Area

School District


Welcome to Corry Area School District


Welcome to the Corry Area School District, where the focus is always on our students. We are a pre-K through 12th grade school district that supports students on all levels. Geographically, CASD buses students from three different counties: Erie, Warren, and Crawford. There are approximately 1,850 students who attend the two elementary schools, Corry Area Primary School (CAPS) and Corry Area Intermediate School (CAIS), the Corry Area Middle-Senior High School, and the Corry Career and Technical Center, our very own vocational-technical building and programs.

The mission of the Corry Area School District is to prepare students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a competitive global society. 

The Vision:
All students who graduate from the Corry Area School District will possess the necessary foundational skills and abilities to be successful in their chosen pathway to a career or post-secondary education.

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