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Corry Area

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Building Maintenance Trades

Building Maintenance Trades

CIP 46.0401

Residential and Commercial Maintenance is a three-year PDE Approved Program of Study (SOAR) course designed for you with emphasis on instruction in the following areas:   safety-covers hand and power tools and on-the-job safety;  electrical-basic house wiring and troubleshooting, service entrance equipment and basic motor control;  plumbing-plumbing power and hand tools, basic residential plumbing, installation of domestic water and drain waste vent systems, and fixture installations; heating and ventilation-installation of hot air furnace and boiler systems; building and installing ductwork from sheet metal.; painting-includes interior and exterior finishes, drywall hanging and finishing; interior decoration-includes texture, tile, wallpaper, and painting;  basic carpentry-includes power and hand tools, basic print reading, framing, roofing, flooring, siding, and sheathing; sheet metal work– includes flashing, fascia, and gutters; masonry-concrete work, such as sidewalks, driveways, and foundations;  welding-basic stick and MIG welding. Students enrolled in the Construction Maintenance Trades Program will develop skills in both hand and power tools.  Through a variety of experiences, they will become familiar  with maintenance, repair, and preventive maintenance.