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Welding Technology

Welding Technology

CIP 48.0508

Welding Technology is a three-year course designed for high school students in Grades 10 through 12 with emphasis in the following areas:  principles of technology; welding draining; and weld symbol interpretation; shielded metal welding; gas metal arc welding; core arc welding; gas tungsten arc welding; manual oxyfuel gas cutting; mechanized oxyfuel gas cutting; manual plasma arc cutting; and manual air carbon arc cutting.  Students can earn AWS and SP2 certifications as well as a PA Skills Certificate.  All areas are taught in competency-based situations with classroom knowledge applied directly to practical hands-on experiences.  Students enrolled in the Welding Technology program will develop skills in both hand and power tools.  During a student's junior/senior year, he/she may participate in a supervised Cooperative Education Work Experience Program with a local business.  All areas incorporate necessary safety and employability skills.

Welding Technology Video