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CIP 12.0401

Cosmetology is a three-year course for students in Grades 10 through 12.  Upon demonstrating successful completion of all necessary competencies, all students who successfully complete their 1250 hours of training may take their State Board of Cosmetology Exam.  Upon passing their Boards, the students will become licensed and may possibly be able to work as a Cosmetologist.  All earned hours accumulated are transferable upon graduation toward post-secondary training.  This three-year program will include skills such as hair care, hair cutting, hair coloring, perming, skin and nail care, hair removal, wig services, and micro-dermabrasion.  The theory portion will include skin and nail disorders/diseases, chemistry, anatomy, hair structure, and product knowledge.  The course will also cover spa treatments along with State Law, professional ethics, sanitation and sterilization, and the business of cosmetology.  For a successful career in the beauty industry, training is only the first stage in an ongoing learning process.  Image, attitude and the ability to communicate with customers are all essential skills.

Cosmetology Video