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Corry Area

School District

Buildings and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings & Grounds Department of the Corry Area School District has a fine tradition in serving the people of the Corry Area School District.   The District's facilities include two Elementary Schools, one Middle/High School with a Career & Technical Center and one Administration Building. Also, maintained are two small sports complexes, which includes a multi-sport stadium, baseball field, softball field, band field, and two practice fields.

The Buildings and Grounds Department’s basic goal is to ensure clean, safe, attractive, and efficient functioning facilities to promote an excellent learning environment.

Where to find us?
The Director of Building and Grounds office is located in the District Administration Building at 540 East Pleasant Street, Corry, PA 16407.

The Maintenance Office and Shipping & Receiving Department are located in the building directly behind the High School at 550 East Pleasant Street, Corry, PA 16407.

Director of Buildings & Grounds
Mike Munsee
(814) 664-4677 Ext. 1220
[email protected]

Head of Maintenance
Tom Lathrop
(814) 664-4677 Ext. 1242
[email protected]

Head Custodian
Todd Knapp
(814) 664-4677 Ext. 3120
[email protected]

For Substitute Custodial Work
Please apply today at or contact: 
Matthew Briggs, Regional Manager
(814) 569-8462